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COVID-19 Protocols


At Cali Fit Meals, the well-being of our clients and our community is of the utmost importance to us. With the ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming news about COVID-19, or coronavirus, here is a list of the steps and protocols we are taking to keep our clients and employees safe.

Food safety has always been a top priority of ours, and currently, we feel it is important to share with you what exactly that means to us as a business. We have an A rating from the health department and our offices and kitchens are cleaned and sanitized as normal business practice. While we feel confident our food-handling and hygiene practices are top-notch, we are not taking the threat of COVID-19 lightly. Here are the steps we have taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone we consider a part of the Cali Fit Meals family.

Here are some of the measures we are taking to keep our clients and staff safe:

Secure Facility: While most Meal Prep Companies utilize a “Shared Kitchen”, Cali Fit Meals is large enough and lucky enough to own a Commercial Processing Facility of our own. We do not share this facility with any other companies. We are in direct control of every individual who walks into our facility.

Furthermore, we are able to prevent any unwanted guests because nobody is able to enter our facility without fingerprint access.

Employee Contact: While our staff and purveyors are all very friendly, we have made sure that nobody shakes hands, hugs, or provides any other greetings that involve touch.

Working from Home: While not all roles within the company can be accomplished remotely, such as our amazing Chefs and Production Team, all Customer Service Representatives will be able to work from the safety of their homes. This will help limit contact with others and will be sure to provide them with even more enthusiasm for their job!

Sick Leave: Now more than ever, we encourage anyone feeling under the weather to stay home. It is important that our employees do not feel pressure to work through sickness, and by offering sick leave it allows people to make a decision from a place of wellness and not financial concern. 

Additionally, the following questions are asked to each employee prior to their shift beginning: Do you have a fever and/or cough? Are you experiencing Shortness of Breath? Have you, or someone you have been in contact with, traveled outside of the US?

Temperature Readings: All staff are required to get a temperature reading before & after their shifts.

Communication: Information is key and critical. We think it is our duty to inform our team with updates on the virus and any new information shared by the CDC & WHO. Being well-informed about health and safety practices (and implementing those practices) is one of the most effective ways to prevent spread of a virus.

Hand Washing: Thorough hand-washing is a staple in food service, but we have taken it a step further by implementing hand-washing training and best practices not just for our kitchen staff but to our entire team. It is not uncommon to see our team counting out loud while washing their hands to assure they get in a full 20 second wash.

Cleaning: It has always been our practice to fully deep clean and sanitize our facility each night. All our cleaning and sanitizing is sourced by employees in-house to assure proper standards. More than just a nightly scrub down, our team is disinfecting all-day every day. 

Hair Nets, Gloves, & Masks: Once any of our staff enter our Commercial Processing Facility, a hair net, beard net, gloves, and a mask are required! Our hygiene practices have always been thorough, and we follow strict guidelines set by the health department. In the age of COVID-19 we take these practices even more seriously and our team is wearing and changing gloves with a higher frequency to further prevent any possible contamination. 

Wearing a mask is now required for ALL staff even if they are showing no symptoms as an added precaution.  

Deliveries: Although most Meal Prep Companies outsource their deliveries, Cali Fit Meals does not! We have always felt that this final step is one of the most important. Making sure your program arrives intact, at the proper address, and without contamination is vital. This is yet another step in the process that we can control to ensure that every delivery driver is professionally trained and vetted prior to the commencement of their routes.

Additionally, all our refrigerated delivery vans are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before & after the routes to assure your delivery bags are not exposed to any additional exposure.

Delivery Bags: Once the bags are collected during each delivery, they go into a quarantine bag. Upon arrival at our commercial processing facility, they are then placed into a shipping container located on premises in our parking lot. They remain there for no less than two weeks before being completely sanitized and placed back into production.

Purveyors: We have been in direct contact with our purveyors to assure they are following strict guidelines and safety measures to prevent exposure. Any purveyor who is deemed to be in violation of strict safety protocols will be immediately removed from our authorized list.

Summary / Conclusion: With the questions of big crowds and public gatherings, it is no doubt many of our members are looking to us, now more than ever. We are not just an option for your convenience but a way to limit your exposure to the novel coronavirus in places like grocery stores and restaurants.

Our goal remains the same, to deliver the freshest, healthiest, and highest quality meals directly to your door. We are confident that our kitchens are safe, and we are continuing to monitor an ever-changing situation. If you have any questions or ideas, please let us know! 

Have a Fit & Healthy Day!! 

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